The AT&T Perch Mural at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


The Process…

The mural was commission by AT&T for the AT&T Perch located in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. In it’s commitment to gender equity, and diversity, AT&T commissioned Living Walls to curate a mural that celebrates the Atlanta Westside Community with artist Faatimah Stevens. This mural has an augmented reality feature which can be accessed by the Mercedes-Benz Stadium app.

Artist Bio:

Faatimah Stevens is a designer, painter, and illustrator, Faatimah Stevens has her hand in many creative avenues. From visual branding to curation, being involved in the creative process is her true purpose. Although a Memphis native, she currently resides in Atlanta after studying at Atlanta College of Art and SCAD, and completing a BFA in Studio Art at Georgia State University. The primary motivation for her work is to provide a universal articulation shared through a visual language.