Laura Patricia Calle, the woman who dreamt of a better Atlanta.

Laura Patricia Calle, wanted to use art to transform and improve the city of Atlanta; she thought that the city should incorporate the citizens of Atlanta in the city itself, She acted as a leader in the battle to stall the effects of irresponsible development and the erosion of the culture.

Laura’s' biggest passion was urbanism and her love for Atlanta was second to none. She moved in several different social circles, including the arts, civic leadership, and the Atlanta drag scene. Her sweat, blood and tears are marked all over the city in the over 100 murals that she devoted her time to, in order to help beautify Atlanta and bring opportunity to local artists. In honor of her hard work the city proclaimed the 21st day of August of 2016 as the official Laura Patricia Calle day.

She had a promise to fight for the minorities, the less fortunate, and the marginalized. She studied at Georgia State University and graduated with honors in Cultural Anthropology. After graduation, Laura was a regularly invited guest speaker in the Anthropology Senior Seminar.

She was the Programming Director and volunteer coordinator for Living Walls, which brought street artists from all over the world to Atlanta.

As a writer, she expressed her opinion in blogs such as Vandalog- A Viral and Street Art Blog. She wrote original content on contemporary tendencies of urban art and reviewed international gallery openings, shows, and community projects. She also introduced an anthropological review of urbanism, art, and globalism through various articles.

“Conquer small planets and build your life everywhere you go. Make goals, finish old goals, but
whatever you do make sure it’s bigger, better, magical and insane. lovelovelove.”- Laura Patricia

As an educator, she took her vision and ideas to her hometown of Bogotá in Colombia where she worked in the Universidad Central teaching and researching for an interdisciplinary project on urban culture. Laura programmed discussion topics and conference speakers for students and institutional activities. She also organized and presented lectures during two semesters in courses with up to 700 registered students.

Laura was an organizer/co-curator of the Atlanta Zine Festival. She organized and managed fundraising events that included gallery showings and workshops. She also curated zine art shows with over 20 national and international artists, managed volunteer duties for all fundraising events, and introduced communication strategies for the first Zine fest in Atlanta.

All forms of art were equally important forms of expressions for her; she did not limit her participation of art to murals. She participated twice in the 48 hour Atlanta film festival as both an artist and a producer, in the films “Taxi Etc” and “Lovebox”. Laura is also the inspiration for the short film “Interrupture.”

In her last year, Laura was also a member of the Center for Civic Innovation in Community Programming. Laura’s last contributions to the city of Atlanta was her hard work in organizing the Public Conversation “Condos over Culture” about the arts’ role in Atlanta’s future and the Special Event the Civic Impact Awards of 2015.

The great legacy of Laura Patricia is her optimistic and cheerful way of living, her work towards equality, and her passion for artistic, cultural, and social activism. She remains in the hearts of many of her sincere friends, family, and Atlanta.

“When the city speaks, it will scream your name.”

Some Quotes About Laura

“Laura truly was one of the most exceptional human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.”
“We will remember her for her kind and caring demeanor and her commitment to social justice. She was an overall delightful person who touched many people’s lives in positive ways.”
“I’m thankful that this feisty Colombian found her way into my life. She was a fierce, loving angel. My
friend, roommate, confidante, soul sister, and ray of sunshine… You made me a better person and this
world a better place to live.”
“Laura was a warm and wonderful person who was deeply loved and will be remembered by many.”
“I try to live my life with integrity and positivity and to never give up even in the hardest of struggles,
because that is what Laura would do.”