Deadline August 20th

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Laura Patricia Calle was an active member of the Atlanta community who promoted arts and culture and demonstrated that passion in her life every dayThrough her passion, Laura sought to connect community and art while making the City of Atlanta a better place to live for all of its citizens. Laura was strongly committed to social justice, and she fought for equality and dignity for all people.

The Laura Patricia Calle Grant is designed to honor Laura Patricia Calle's life, her hard work and immeasurable passion for equality of all people and the manifestation of diverse cultural expression in our public spaces.

With This Grant,

We invite artists and art collectives to present proposals for a public art project (such as murals, public sculptures, performances, public art interventions...) that informs and promotes awareness on the subject(s) of:

·      Social Equality

·      Feminism

·      Immigrants' Rights

·      LGBTQ Rights

·      Cultural Diversity
















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2016 Laura Patricia Calle Grant Recipient                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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