Mark your calendars! 
This September Living Walls & We Love BuHi are bringing the conference to Buford Highway.


By openly celebrating the hidden, underappreciated beauty of diverse places and people, this year’s conference will demonstrate the power of public art to knit our unique communities together, visually and emotionally, and elevate our perceptions of and behavior towards ourselves and each other.

Conceptualized during a recent urban planning study for Buford Highway, the BuHi Walk is an innovative public art proposal to design safe and engaging pedestrian infrastructure within the sprawling shopping plazas and parking lots typical of this major transportation corridor.  The BuHi Walk will connect the interior walkways and informal pedestrian routes within Buford Highway’s lots and parcels through an exciting array of murals, sculptures, light and sound installations, and other concepts.

To develop thought-provoking public works representative of Buford Highway’s glorious multicultural diversity, our team of local, national, and international artists of color will participate in a three-month immersion within the surrounding communities, conducting workshops, seminars, and Q & A discussions with local residents, business owners, and other community members.

Production completion will be marked by four days of public programming including outdoor movie screenings, lectures, workshops, a bicycle tour, night market, and more exciting events.  Approximately 3,000 art lovers and visitors from Atlanta and around the world are expected to attend.


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