"Ladies to the Front" Mural Project in Charlotte


4 Murals / 3 Artists / 3 Local Youth Organizations

A mural project that celebrates and honors the women and those women identifying, the sisters, the

mothers and the daughters that help build and sustain our communities. With the help of three different

groups of students from different backgrounds, “Ladies To The Front” brings their voices into this

conversation to inspire the content of each mural.

Ladies To The Front, because our mothers carried us and took care of us. Ladies To The Front, because our

sisters and chosen sisters showed us the meaning of support. Ladies To The Front, because the strength of

the feminine being leads all with love.

With this project we will honor women from a historical perspective to a contemporary one through the vision

of three local female artists and student groups:

Bree Stallings + Time Out Youth

Elisa Sanchez + OurBRIDGE KIDS

Sloane Siobhan + Here for Good Club