"Here To Stay" Mural Review and Panel

The Education is Liberation Monarch Mural

A panel discussion held at the Latin American Association building about Immigration Advocacy in public spaces titled “Here To Stay”

The "Here to Stay" Panel discussion event was a success! Thank you each and everyone who came out to support. Special thanks to Yehimi's mother for the delicious food.    

Our moderator, Gigi Pedraza, captivated a room full of listeners with her infectious personality. She was able to incorporate commonalities amongst the audience by asking intriguing questions to our panelist

Our first-panel member, Dr. Laura Emkio Solstis, who runs a school for undocumented youth shined a light into her world. Dr. Solstis shared a story with the community about an experiment she conducted at the University of Georgia with her students. A peace protest that paved the way for educational reform. 

The second panelist, David Schaefer, who works with the Latin American Association provided some insight on the mural's relocation. The message behind the Education is Liberation Monarch mural made him share personal stories which made him overwhelmed with emotion.  

The last panelist, Leslie Ramirez, a Cross Keys High School student of Yehimi Cambron elaborates on the meaning of the mural. The Education is Liberation Monarch mural is a safe haven for her community that is and will always be "Here To Stay"