Our Process

Living Walls began as a project aiming to bring to life neglected public spaces.  
Through the years, we have seen our painted walls spark dialogue in communities about their communities.  The work we set out to do is constantly evolving to adapt to the ever-changing social landscape of Atlanta.  We are committed to continue learning and perfecting our community engagement and artist engagement process.  We love Atlanta--which is why our ultimate goal is to continue to create thought-provoking and community-informed public art for many more years to come!

We believe in our artists' visions and their ability to represent and honor our communities responsibly.  Our process involves facilitating conversations between communities and artists to create work that represents the diverse cultures that make this city so beautiful. 


We engage with our communities through volunteer opportunities.  Every artist that participates in Living Walls relies on a team of assistants and volunteers who aid in the creation of the work.  Working together in this way gives volunteers a sense of ownership of the art that was created.