“Symphony” at The Peachtree Center Mall


The Process…

At the beginning 2019, we embarked on a memorable journey by partnering with International Street Art and The Peachtree Center Mall to create “Symphony”. Our production of the mural began a week into the new year with a well-rounded team of women and Hopare determined to bring Atlanta a fresh thought-provoking mural. Symphony’s purpose is to connect the communities that coexists throughout Atlanta. Three face were chosen by the artist to depicted the message and are now home to downtown’s dynamic architecture. Finishing touches were added days before Super Bowl LIII which was hosted minutes from this project.

Artist Bio:

In 1989, Alexander Monterio AKA Hopare was born overseas in Paris, France. Hopare’s earliest inspiration can be attributed to his experience as a child when he discovered street art through graffiti. The city of Paris aesthetic is also a huge influence in his work. During high school, Hopare was fortune enough to be mentored by, Shaka, a well-renowned French street artist. Partial credit for his incredible style can also be given to his former employer which was an interior design company. Hopare’s unique artwork incorporates style that uses perfect geometry.